The Phoenix Shop, located at Nepenthe in Big Sur, California has been offering adornments for the Body, Home, Mind, and Spirit since 1963.

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Phone Number
(831) 667-2347

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The Phoenix Shop
48510 Highway One

Big Sur, CA 93920

Manager Jaime Reed -

Assistant Manager -
Juliana Pazzaglia,


Books, Toys, and Stationery -
Caitlin Reclusado,

Gifts, Personal Care, Textiles - Sarah Loveland,

Jewelry and Specialty Foods- Bob Trezise,

Boutique, Logo Merchandise,
Ceramics, and Music
- Tina Snow,

For all other questions, contact Jaime Reed at -

The Phoenix Shop is a unique gift shop featuring exceptional merchandise from around the world as well as from local artisans.

Merchandise on our site is a representation of what you can usually find when you visit our store. We do not have a catalog because of our ever-changing, unique inventory. Many items are one-of-a-kind, others are of limited production. Please do inquire if you wish to purchase what you see on our website. If something is out of stock, we will try to special order it for you.

When Lolly Fassett founded the Phoenix Shop, she wanted it to represent the creativity of people from around the world as well as local artisans. Lolly felt that when people come to this beautiful place, their minds and hearts are opened by the stunning natural environment. Visitors would be open to new ideas and delighted to experience unique items from different cultures.

In the early days, traders used to flock to Nepenthe, spreading their wares on Lolly's living room floor. From Navajo pawn jewelry to Afghani rugs they brought treasures from around the world. Later, after the restaurant was built, Lolly and her husband Bill created the Phoenix Shop to showcase these treasures.

The gift shop takes its name from Nepenthe's standard, the mythical phoenix bird said to rise every 500 years from its ashes more resplendent than ever.

There are so many talented, wonderful people that work at the shop, many for over a decade. Please come visit us when you travel up or down our lovely coast. Big Sur is a spectacular and beautiful place to explore, and the Phoenix Shop a treasure not to be missed.

The Phoenix Shop is open 365 days a year

Hours: - 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM